diagram of reality

expression determines the absolute

the abstract fails

volatilization and rearmament


Gallery I

consequences of the act

attentiveness to the concrete

on the base of speculations

results in thinking



Gallery II

either the one

or the other

not to understand a thing

creates facts



Gallery III

the willingness to act

in a society that can exonerate

is the logical rage of forgiveness

the sound of color



Gallery IV

almighty, all-pervading

in the moment

an eternity



Gallery V

the transformation of a message

related to the pendulum

is justice for the image



Gallery VI

regardless of authenticity

more of a psychological nature,

it is necessary

to extend the moment



Gallery VII

being correctly implemented

temporal, three-dimensional

generates relationships



Gallery VIII

it's enough

that something fits

everything that goes beyond the scope

sort out the thoughts



Gallery IX


Gallery X


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