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“MULLER's work is distinctively intriguing. His photos are sensuous and give the impression of multi-layered surfaces. With the depth of these photographs we cannot even be sure if we see a painting or a collage. MULLER extends the boundaries of traditional photography.”

Ira Hoffecker - Visual Artist Canada

photo by MCM

Born in Germany, as a child of the Fine Arts, connected by his father K.P.M. (Karl Peter Muller) and the resulting "homeland" Alsace (France) MULLER had an early career as a trained pianist, followed by the involuntary, seven-year stay in an archiepiscopal monastery, a varied study at the Ludwig Maximilians University (Munich) in Communication Science, American Studies, Drama, Psychology and Philosophy, that manifested in a life of journalism, film and photography for more than twentyfive years.


As a multi-faceted personality, MULLER lived in a wide variety of countries on almost every continent and constantly expanded his broad range of experience -  as a car salesman, printer, bartender, editor-in-chief, gas station attendant, ticket inspector, travel guide, advertising salesman, painter, secretary, producer, festival director, CEO, web designer, author, caretaker, babysitter, nurse, teacher, person cleared for classified information, pacifist, publisher, graphic designer, chauffeur, draftsman, chain smoker, disc jockey, waiter, cook, cleaner, copywriter, editorial director, general manager, agent chief, translator, bank vendor, educator, therapist, husband, representative, critic, (interior) designer, friend, radio host, event manager, actor, life artist and philosopher.


The interaction with the different cultures and life experiences awakened his photographic eye and the desire to capture moments, people, places, colors and textures, which in his art form FO'PA beautifully mould into abstractions, volatilize, exalt, but never deprives the viewer’s own creativity, imagination or personal perception, au contraire ... it inspires.




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